Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blog Introduction

This probably should have been the first blog I wrote, but I wanted to test the waters first with the other two, and now I think I'm going to give this blog a whirl. This blog stems from one of my three books. The Other Side of Autism: Famous Spirits Unveil Regressive Autism's Causes and Remedies is a book collaboration that I did with Michael and Marti Parry from late 2010-2011. It came out in 2012. I wrote the book based on my son with regressive autism, and also did the research, editing and publishing. Michael Parry is a phenomenal medium, who channeled information from the spirit world for the book, and his wife Marti, also a medium, did the spirit art (portraits and images shown to her by spirit), as well as the cover. 

The story of how the book came to be is pretty incredible, to say the least. It can be ordered through the book's website It's a long story, but let's just say that there are lots of folks in the spirit world besides my dead relatives who are interested in what is happening to our children, causing 1 in 50 to be diagnosed with regressive autism. When we started the book project, we went into it with no expectations, and let "them" decide who was going to come through and talk to us when we began each session. We were open to whomever wanted to come forth and give us information to help us understand and help not only my son, but all children with "autism." They gave very specific information to validate who they were, which was not confirmed until after the sessions with some internet research. The fact that these spirits could tell Michael names, dates, places, etc. connected to them, and I did the research afterward and found that what they said was indeed true, led us to believe that everything else they were telling us was also true. 

We did 23 sessions, and were blown away not only by what was said, but by who said it. Some of the spirits were people directly connected to me (my late husband, friends, my father, grandparents), but surprisingly, as the book's subtitle implies, many famous scientists, politicians, and medical people came through in our sessions. I'm not trying to name drop, this is what actually happened, but the leader of the pack was Albert Einstein. Many of the people who came through in later sessions were connected to Albert in life, although we didn't always know it at the time of the session. Some of the more well know spirits were Marie Curie, FDR, numerous members of the Kennedy family including JFK and RFK, J. Robert Oppenheimer, George Bernard Shaw, and Martin Luther King, Jr.. Some of the lesser know spirits were Werner Heisenberg, Arthur Stanley Eddington, John von Neumann, Friedrich Dessauer, Wolfgang Pauli, and numerous other scientists that knew Albert, along with Henry David Thoreau, Sir John Hunter, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, Edgar Cayce, and some Russian scientists. Most surprising and delightful to me was when Bernard Rimland (founder of the Autism Research Institute) showed up. He's one of my heroes. 

File:Solvay conference 1930.jpg

I know how crazy this sounds, but because I had been having sessions with mediums for many years after the sudden death of my first husband, I didn't question it. I had already been shown proof of life after death, which I wrote about in my first book, Widowed Too Soon, and was always guided and given advice during channeling sessions in the past. After my beloved child disappeared into the world of autism, nothing could stop me from finding the answers to heal him and learn what happened to him. He was not born with autism. I figured that dead people had a much wider vantage point, and knew things that we didn't here on Earth, and that perhaps they could help us solve the autism puzzle faster. Be careful what you wish for...   

The things I'm going to blog about are going to include many of the things that came through during the channeling sessions as some of the causes of the autism epidemic, and some of the remedies. I also want to blog about certain topics that our children face, and will face as they grow up. This is an extension of the book, if you will. I will also post updates and new information. I would also like this blog to be a meeting place for spiritually minded people, especially those who have or work with children with autism. Not the airy-fairy, my child is a crystal child and doesn't need to change kind of spirituality. The real life parents who understand that regressive autism is medical and are trying to heal their sick child, but who also believe in life after death and mediumship. I know you're out there...

xo, Laura

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